Production of waste and its recovery

Galp’s priority is to reduce waste and its harmfulness at the source of production. Besides, We are working to increase the recoverable proportion.

We seek to maximise the reuse, and the recycling or recovery of materials. Disposal is always the last management option and when it happens it is first treated to ensure the waste is sent to the appropriate final destination.

These concerns are carefully assessed in the various phases of the plant life cycle - design, operation and decommissioning. This assessment can result in process changes and the adoption of end-of-line measures.

In 2017,  28.6% of the waste was recovered.

We establish operational priorities for waste management in accordance with the following hierarchical levels:

  1. Prevention and production reduction - In the design of facilities and improved operations management.
  2. Reuse - Of products, prolonging their useful life.
  3. Recycling - Recovering materials/components.
  4. Recovery - In energy terms. Elimination.

Waste management in operations is supported by risk analysis and assessment, which takes into account not only the harmfulness of the products/waste from operations, but also the capability and suitability of infrastructures and equipment to process and store them. In this way, we minimise the risks to ecosystems and human health.

Due to the refining activity, we produce a high amount of hazardous waste, which has special attention and guarantee of proper treatment.

  2015 2016 2017
Hazardous waste production (kt) 18.6 21.0 23.2

We believe in the transition to a more circular economy, where the value of products, materials and resources remains in the business cycle for as long as possible and waste production is reduced to a minimum.
Examine our contribution to a Circular Economy.

Certificação 3R6

The objective of optimising waste management remains a priority for us and it is an integral part of our day-to-day practices. The 3R6 certification is a voluntary environmental certification programme operated by Ponto Verde Serviços, developed for entities that wish to adopt more sustainable environmental practices in waste management.
The Sines Refinery and our offices in Lisbon renewed their certification in 2017.