Impact assessment and management

Galp’s approach to the environmental and social impact assessment aims to reduce the footprint of our activity.

At Galp, we have an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) framework that comprehends the entire life cycle of activities, products and services, and that establishes a process of engagement with stakeholders. The ESIA tool is an integral part of our HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) operational management system.

This methodology addresses the projects’ environmental dimension and social dimension in a structured way, namely in what concerns the impacts on local and indigenous communities.

The ESIA tool is an integral part of our HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) management system and, consequently, of the risk management process. The top management’s commitment and accountability with regard to the HSE themes, as well as the engagement with stakeholders are essential for creating value for the Company and the community at large.

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Impact assessment and management processes

Whenever needed, the impact assessment and management processes are applied to infrastructure investment projects, activities, products and changes in technology, as well as infrastructure deactivation projects.

Without prejudice to any legal requirements that are applicable in the various geographical areas we operate in, the impact assessment is carried out according to the following approach:

Environmental impact studies of the refining system

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