Galp Voluntária

The aim of the Galp Voluntária project is to involve our employees in corporate volunteer work.

In order to promote a culture of social responsibility and citizenship within the Company, we created Galp Voluntária in 2011.

Through this, we give our employees the option to dedicate 48 hours a year to corporate volunteer work performing tasks organised by Galp Voluntária.

Since its inception, and in order to deepen our relationship within the community, Galp Voluntária has focused on the development of actions that promote a culture of social responsibility and corporate citizenship. At the same time, it involves and motivates our employees through actions that create value and stand the test of time.

In 2016, 17 corporate volunteer activities were performed, resulting in a total of 35,475 volunteer hours covering 2,004 volunteers.

Performance indicators 2014 2015 2016 2017
Number of hours of business volunteering 10,100 33,720 35,475 42,631
Number of volunteers 1,189 1,798 2,004 1,590

Our initiatives

In 2017, Galp Voluntária had a positive impact on the communities where Galp operates. From education to environment, we continued initiatives from previous years and developed new actions.

Our initiatives in 2017 were:

  • Pool of tutors in partnership with EPIS for students of the Mães d’Água Secondary School, in Amadora;
  • Laranjeiras EB1 Primary School: building and painting of educational games in the recreation yard and tree planting on tree day;
  • Business Challenge with Make a Wish, in celebration of the International Children’s Day and fulfilling of five wishes throughout the year with the amount raised at the Galp Voluntária Christmas event of 2016;
  • Missão UP (UP Mission) 2016/2017: classes on energy efficiency and sustainable mobility for children of the first and second cycles by employees;
  • Food Voucher Campaign from Banco Alimentar at 80 service stations of Galp’s network;
  • EPIS internships for CEF students, in service stations and in corporate buildings;
  • Tagus Estuary Cleaning Action – Guardiãs do Mar in partnership with the Generation Galp programme;
  • Environmental action for forest cleaning of invasive species in Salinas do Samouco, with the E&P team;
  • Collection of books for donation to children and young people in Guinea Bissau;
  • Carrying out of two “Paper for Food” campaigns;
  • Skills volunteering in the activities of the Somos Galp Programme;
  • Reforesting action Terra de Esperança (Land of Hope) at Serra do Açor, in Arganil, in partnership with Fundação Galp (Galp Foundation) and ANEFA;
In 2017, Galp Voluntária will focus on aligning its initiatives with the SDGs in order to respond to this integrated and indivisible set of global priorities for sustainable development.