Quality of customer service

We believe that our ability to listen to and to exceed the needs and expectations of our clients is fundamental to our success.

At Galp we seek to guarantee high levels of service excellence, through the effective response of the customer service system to each and every customer, at all times.

The customer service system is structured and prepared to listen, understand, explain, clarify and present solutions on a daily basis that guarantee the satisfaction of all who come to us with a request, question, suggestion or a complaint.

Customer orientation

The entire customer service system is focused on ensuring a high quality of service to customers.


In recent years, we have invested in the continuous improvement the customer service system and associated training. We are focused on careful management of service quality, which is based on the following activities:

  • Client questionnaires to evaluate satisfaction with products, services and customer service;
  • Routine and customized audits, with the aim of continuously improving clear and well-defined processes and procedures;
  • Appropriate incentive system and well-defined responsibilities;
  • Quality certifications;
  • Specific training in customer service quality;
  • Appropriate technology/information systems support.

Components of the customer service system

The service system incorporates all the resources and employees from the various units who have a mission to meet, contact, or relate to customers:

  • Network of stations and shops (attendance in person);
  • Contact Centre (non-face-to-face service to individual customers and SMEs);
  • CORe - Company Relationship Operational Centre (non-face-to-face service, directed at direct business clients);
  • Digital channels (specific web portals and websites that provide information and services over the internet);
  • Gas emergency centres (non-face-to-face and face-to-face, by patrols, when applicable).

Our employees who perform the service are the primary component of the whole system, since they deal daily with multiple situations with different degrees of complexity, which requires good preparation and appropriate training.

Implementation of customer services for clients with special needs

We have a special customer services provided in the Portuguese market for deaf people.

We provide a customer service line via internet for video calls from deaf customers on the Portal do Cidadão Surdo. This service is provided by a team of interpreters certified by Serviin who, through a video call, provide on-line interpretation of the Portuguese sign language.

Find out more about this service on the Portal do Cidadão Surdo.