Product quality

Product quality assurance is key for oil companies in meeting the expectations and requirements of their clients.

The existence of strict internal specifications subject to a careful control process ensures that, throughout the logistic chain, product characteristics are kept within the limits applicable in each geographical area.

Our commitment to market products that meet or exceed applicable legal or contractual requirements, and to ensure efficient use of resources by investing in innovative technologies and in the best available operating techniques, poses challenges with regard to efficiency and effectiveness.

These can only be met by sharing knowledge in scientific, technical, economic and legislative areas, which have an impact on product quality. We maintain therefore, a set of important links with several organizations that lead in the development of product quality and we position ourselves as a company of excellence in the markets where we operate. In this way, it is possible to anticipate risks arising from changes in specifications and to ensure the effectiveness of our product quality assurance process.

We also monitor the regulatory review of product quality and numerous studies that are currently taking place on this subject as a result of technical and economic issues.


Technical participation

CONCAWE - Fuel Quality and Emissions Management Group

As part of our participation in CONCAWE - Fuel Quality and Emissions Management Group and its working groups, we maintain a set of important links with various organizations that lead in the development of fuel quality.

At Galp, we have been monitoring the work carried out, either through participation in CONCAWE or through participation in the Technical Commission - CT38, within the framework of the Portuguese Quality System, in order to be ready at all times to supply the most evolved fuels.

ADH - Marine Fuels and ADH - Aviation Fuels

In the field of marine fuels, we are participating in the ADH groups - Marine Fuels, and in the case of aviation fuels, we participate in the ADH group - Aviation Fuels, through Galp Energia.

The creation of these groups establishes and consolidates links with organizations such as the IPIECA (International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association), ISO (International Standards Organization) - ISO/TC28/SC4/WG6 and IMO (International Maritime Organization) in the case of marine fuels, and with the Joint Inspection Group (JIG) and the AFC (Aviation Fuel Committee of the Energy Institute) in the case of aviation fuels.

The work groups cover several areas of fuel quality and enable interaction with other companies operating in the market. As a result, at Galp we have positioned ourselves in an advantageous position that enables us to anticipate risks and consolidate strategic scenarios.


In the case of bitumens, we have been monitoring regulatory developments through participation in EUROBITUMEN, and in Portugal, in the CT153 Technical Committee. The work carried out by this committee with a view to publishing the national annex to the standard EN12591 that establishes the specifications for pavement bitumen is notable.


We have laboratories of acknowledged expertise that employ a vast team of experienced technicians and technically complex equipment.

Our laboratories have maintained their accreditations granted by IPAC, in accordance with the NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. This qualification is recognized internationally as having the highest requirements for testing laboratories, and it is still one of the main supports of the quality assurance system, because of the confidence it gives to stakeholders.

Compliance with regulatory requirements requires the participation of laboratories in international inter-laboratory comparison programmes, in which our laboratories have been excelled due to their high levels of performance.