Our Quality Policy, approved at the highest level, establishes the fundamental guidelines for quality management at Galp.
It also drives our commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality of our processes, products and services. This is a management priority and a fundamental cornerstone in consolidating respect for the Galp brand.

In 2018, Galp obtained the certification of the Integrated Management System (SIG) of Environment, Quality, Safety, Energy and Social Responsibility.

The strategy for the design of the Integrated Management System was based on the Business Process Management methodology as a quality management tool. In this context, the Company’s process model was developed and the concept of process lifecycle management was introduced in an end-to-end perspective, achieving a set of benefits:

  • Unique and integrated vision of processes
  • Standardization of processes lifecycle management methodologies
  • Elimination of duplicate efforts with the aim of optimizing processes
  • Sharing of experiences and good practices through the organization