Open Days – E&P

A project to share knowledge and experiences, strengthening the knowledge of Galp’s E&P team.


Galp’s Commitment

Our Organisation is committed to involving the community and all other stakeholders, promoting the creation of shared value.

Additionally, promoting innovation, research and technological development is a fundamental commitment to creating sustainable value and competitive advantages in the medium and long-term.

Sustainable Development Goals

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.
Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and foster innovation.
Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development.


Our strategy

At Galp, we believe that cooperation and the exchange of experiences are fundamental to value creation, as well as for studying and implementing new and innovative technological solutions and new businesses.

We therefore actively promote the management of the relationship with our stakeholders, particularly the development of lasting and successful partnerships with leading companies in the energy sector and with the scientific and technological community.

Due to the typical volatility of this industry, we will continue to invest in enhancing the skills of the Exploration and Production (E&P) team, strengthening the influence on consortia, in order to promote the sharing of synergies between the parties involved and across the different projects in which we participate.

Why is it important to Galp and its Stakeholders

At Galp, in addition to focusing our efforts on shared value creation, we also want to ensure the integration of research and development practices into the business strategic formulation, enabling and technologically differentiating the Company, and fostering its preparation to address emerging challenges.

Our ambition is to develop, in the long term, our status as a project operator and to strengthen our training in terms of technology, knowledge and experience.

These aspects will be instrumental in developing E&P activities in a more sustained manner and enhancing success and control, while also increasing the visibility and ability to organise and participate in new consortia.

In an integrated way and aiming at the long-term sustainability of the Company, we strengthen the exploration activity according to clear and rigorous criteria, namely regarding the definition of geographies, capital allocation, maintaining a relevant level of production and the materiality of the participations. According to these factors, we adjust the activity level to the Company’s growth profile.


The project

The main goal of the Galp Petroleum Engineering Open Days (GPEOD) event (which has had three editions to date) is to strengthen relationships within the E&P community and provide participants with the opportunity to know first-hand the state-of-the-art solutions and developments in the area.

The event is organised by the Development & Production team of the Exploration & Production (E&P) business unit, with the contribution of the Presidency & Communication Office and the Human Resources department.

2018 Edition

The 5th Edition of GPEOD took place in July, at Museu do Oriente in Lisbon. The theme for discussion was “Advancing Sustainable Energy” and 300 people attended, including 70 representatives from suppliers and reference research centres in the Oil & Gas sector from several countries (France, United Kingdom, Norway, Australia, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, USA, Brazil, Austria, and Mozambique).

For two days, several sessions were held simultaneously, which translated into 48 presentations on topics such as:

  • Industry trends;
  • Flow assurance;
  • Subsea;
  • G&G;
  • Innovation;
  • Marine;
  • Sub-surface;
  • D&C;
  • Safety & asset integrity;
  • Digitalization;
  • Global trends and innovation;
  • e-Posters.

Results achieved


This event undoubtedly reinforces not only our commitment to engage with stakeholders, promoting the creation of shared value, but also the commitment to promote innovation, research and technological development.

In fact, this type of event promotes the creation of collaborative relations and partnerships with leading companies in the energy sector and with the scientific and technological community, facilitating the cooperation and the exchange of experiences that are crucial for value creation. Likewise, events like this promote the identification of opportunities, generation of ideas and conceiving of new businesses.

Therefore, this type of event has very positive effects on the various stakeholders:

  • The partnership relations are strengthened, with increased benefits for the parties.
  • More efficient solutions are created for customers.
  • The generation of value for shareholders is enhanced.