9/18/2018 | Events and sponsoring

Galp organizes Galp Atlantic Meeting conference

Conference is held this Wednesday under the umbrella of the Portugal Shipping Week international event organized for the first time in our country. The role of Portugal as a maritime centre of global transport and logistics, international trade trends and innovation in the sector will be among the topics under analysis

Galp is organizing this Wednesday, 19 September, the Galp Atlantic Meeting conference. The conference will be held at the Alcântara Maritime Station, which falls under the umbrella of the Portugal Shipping Week, an international event that will take place for the first time in our country and is sponsored by the Government, through the Ministry of the Sea.

In a week in which hundreds of shipowners and representatives of transport companies, investors, regulators and other government agencies, business associations and specialists from various areas of the international maritime community are assembled in Lisbon, the Galp Atlantic Meeting aims to be a forum of discussion and analysis regarding the positioning of Portugal on the supply route and on the role that the country should play as a maritime centre of global transport and logistics.

The opportunities that exist at sea, the need to deepen scientific knowledge about the resources of the Portuguese maritime environment, the economic potential of the national coast or the need to place technological innovation at the service of the relationship of Portugal with the sea are topics deemed fundamental - and which have already resulted in the creation of the Ocean Talks, promoted twice a year by Galp.  

The Galp Atlantic Meeting conference will feature Galp specialists in the areas of marine and natural gas bunkers, as well as two international speakers: Robin Meech, independent consultant in the marine and energy area, who will speak about the prospects for this market after 2020; and Nigel Draffin, author of seven books on the transport industry and professor at Oxford, invited to analyse the future of LNG (Liquified Natural Gas).

Portugal Shipping Week runs from 17 to 21 September. About 5,000 people are expected to participate in a vast programme of conferences, workshops, seminars or exhibitions. Full programme is available at https://portugalshippingweek.com/calendar-of-events/.