11/2/2017 | Institutional

Forbes names Galp as one of the best companies in the world to work for

Galp was selected by the prestigious Forbes magazine as one of the best companies in the world to work for, in a survey conducted by Statista, in parallel with the Forbes Global 2000 ranking of the world's largest companies.

Company selection involved the collection of more than 360 thousand recommendations of companies as employers through macro statistical collection methods and regionally-based surveys. The Forbes list is headed by Alphabet, the parent company of Google, immediately followed by Microsoft and only includes two Portuguese companies, Galp and Jerónimo Martins. The list is main-ly composed of North American companies, including six in the Top 10: Apple, Noble Energy, Williams and IBM, in addition to those already mentioned - Alphabet and Microsoft.

Galp has embarked on a transformation of its profile as an integrated energy company - with solutions throughout the entire value chain of the sector (Exploration of oil and gas; refining and marketing; distribution and commercialisation of natural gas and electricity), having also adopted new values and a corporate culture suited to the challenges of the energy sector, in a world in transition towards an economy that needs to be more sustainable. Success in overcoming this challenge requires a solid commitment from both the company and its workers. Click here to consult the complete list of the best companies on the Forbes website.

Galp is a publicly traded energy company based in Portugal, with an international presence. Our activities cover all the stages of the energy value chain, from prospecting and extracting petroleum and natural gas from reservoirs located kilometres below seabed to the development of efficient and sustainable energy solutions for our customers – whether large-scale industries seeking to increase their competitiveness or individual consumers searching for more flexible solutions for their home and mobility needs. We also contribute to the economic development of the 12 countries in which we operate and to the social progress of the communities that host us. Galp employs 6,475 people.

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