3/10/2022 | Institutional

Galp allocates €6.5 million for response to the humanitarian tragedy in Ukraine

  • Galp immediately donates €2.5 million to the Red Cross and assumes the cost of fuel for humanitarian flights that will transport Ukrainian refugees to Portugal
  • Set of initiatives includes partnerships for the supply of energy to shelter centers, school grants for young Ukrainians and a trainee program in the company specifically for Ukrainian refugees

Galp is developing a set of initiatives to support the victims of the conflict in Ukraine, associating its energy with the collective humanitarian efforts in progress to support the Ukrainian people. To implement this list of actions, Galp has allocated €6.5 million to invest in its own initiatives and to support joint humanitarian actions.

The donation of €2.5 million to the Red Cross is one of the measures already decided to support the humanitarian crisis. This amount will be split between frontline medical emergency support and support for Red Cross operations in the Iberian Peninsula in alignment with the International Committee and the International Federation of the Red Cross.

Galp is also in contact with the Government of Portugal, the Embassy of Ukraine and the Municipality of Cascais that are organising flights to transport refugees from countries neighbouring Ukraine to Portugal. The first flight will take place this Thursday, March 10, and will transport about 250 refugees from Poland to Portugal, bearing Galp the fuel costs.

"Galp stated already that we deplore and condemn the aggression underway in Ukraine and positioned ourselves unreservedly on the side of the Ukrainian people," highlights Andy Brown, Galp's CEO. "Therefore, after suspending the purchase of petroleum products from Russia, we are now materialising our solidarity with the Ukrainian people through actions that help bring as much comfort as possible to the refugees at this very difficult time," concludes Galp’s CEO.

In Portugal, Galp is also working with several municipalities to supply energy and other goods to ensure the comfort of the Ukrainians received in the Red Cross reception centres created in our country. In the Lisbon reception centre, Galp has already ensured energy support through the provision of indoor and outdoor heating points, and fuel support for logistical transport operations, in coordination with the National Civil Protection Authority. Galp will provide the same support to the Municipality of Cascais.

Galp's support in the reception centres is being complemented by internal initiatives, developed with the Company's employees, for the donation of personalised welcome kits for refugees and the purchase of food and other products considered essential for the refugees who are being received in the centres. Galp also has several employees involved in the WeHelpUkraine support platform and is supporting the NGOs partners of this initiative.

In the mid-term, Galp is also already developing a specific trainee programme for Ukrainian refugees. This programme, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Economy and the IEFP – provides a social support package which includes, for example, social assistance, accommodation, vouchers for food and clothing, tutoring and language courses – should provide internship opportunities for 40 to 50 professionals.

Also, in partnership with CTT and UAPT – Association Ukraine in Portugal (helpua.pt), Galp will also support the trucks travelling to the border with Ukraine, providing fuel for the trip which will deliver the goods collected by this association to support Ukrainian refugees concentrated in countries bordering Ukraine.

In the same way, in partnership with the Ukrainian Embassy in Warsaw and the HIPOGEST Group (HERTZ), Galp has already guaranteed the supply of fuel to support the travel of trucks to Poland with goods collected in actions to support the Ukrainian people.

In addition to the actions that are already underway, Galp continues to analyse and evaluate other measures to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, either in a partnership or through actions developed with its employees, clients or suppliers.