10/8/2020 | Environment

Galp launches new EI-Energia Independente unit to boost photovoltaic self-consumption

Galp moves one step ahead in its commitment with the energy transition by providing decentralized solar energy rooftop systems. The new EI-Energia Independente unit aims to boost the solar self-consumption market by focusing on the systems’ internal rate of return (TIR) of as much as 25%, which allows for a total investment payback in less than five years. The system’s innovative technological platform identifies each rooftop’s potential and continuously monitors its performance, maximizing the unit’s return.

Galp today unveiled a new company, EI-Energia Independente, to helpcompanies and families in the Iberian Peninsula to produce their own renewable electricity, with a return of between 15% and 25% on the investment made for the installation of solar panels.

The new company uses state-of-the-art technologies, such as satellite image analysis, artificial intelligence algorithms and big data. The EI Tech2Perform platform calculates the ideal investment and its profitability based on the history of consumption, the orientation of the roof and the solar exposure of each panel installed, in a personalised and unique way for each customer.

“The successful transition to a sustainable energy system requires that no rooftop with potential for clean energy generation be ignored,” says Ignacio Madrid, CEO of Energia Independente. “EI's solution uses profitability as the best way to drive change,” he concludes.

EI has developed a simulator that allows each user to enter their address on a map, select the area on the roof and communicate their approximate consumption in less than a minute. With this data, the platform offers a first draft budget and an indication of possible savings.

The project begins with the study and design of the installation, the engineering and setup of the solar production systems, from the management of permits, licenses and subsidies to the subsequent monitoring and continuous analysis of the installation.

Monitoring and control, based on artificial intelligence and big data algorithms, allow the analysis and correction of each installation in real time, optimising its performance throughout its life cycle, with a return on investment of between 15% and 25%, allowing you to recoup the investment in less than five years. In addition to the strong support of state-of-the-art technology, the new company also has the experience of a team with an international career and top suppliers along the entire value chain.

Manufacturers, distributors and more than 20 installation companies have joined Galp's new company to contribute to the reduction of emissions and improve the efficiency of the electrical system.

“This investment is in line with Galp's commitment to a more electrified and sustainable world that meets the 3 Ds of energy: decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalization”, said Susana Quintana-Plaza, Galp's executive director and head of the Renewables and New Business areas. “This change allows us to offer efficient and cost-effective solutions to users and thus make them part of the energy transition,” Quintana-Plaza concludes.