10/7/2019 | Renewables

Galp to provide solar energy to customers through power purchase agreements with X-Elio

Energy from 200 MW PV projects in Spain will become available from 2020. Agreements cover equivalent of 358 GWh/year for 12 years.

Galp today strengthened its commercial portfolio to provide renewable power to its clients by means of a framework agreement set with X-Elio to enter into several synthetic Power Purchase Agreements.

These agreements are based on 200 MW solar power generation projects in Spain, which are currently under development, covering a total notional amount of 358 GWh per year during a period of 12 years, which shall be progressively allocated to Galp’s commercial activities from June 2020 onwards.

This energy is enough to power 140,000 homes with annual CO2e savings of about 19 ktons.

This framework agreement fits Galp’s strategy, as a leading Iberian integrated energy company, to secure a balanced and competitive long-term sourcing for its power activities, while offering its customers access to efficient and environmentally sustainable energy solutions.