5/3/2023 | Governing bodies

Election of Galp’s Governing Bodies

Following the Annual General Shareholders Meeting (AGM) held today, Galp’s management and supervisory bodies for the 2023-2026 term have been appointed, namely the Board of Directors, the General Shareholders Meeting Board, the Audit Board, the Statutory Auditor and the Remuneration Committee. 

All the information about our AGM 2023 and its results can be found in our website (here).

Composition of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee 2023-26

The Board of Directors is composed by 19 members, including six executive members. Out of the 13 non-executive members, six are independent. Paula Amorim will continue to chair Galp’s Board of Directors, with Adolfo Mesquita Nunes and Filipe Silva appointed as vice-chairmen, the former having been designated Lead Independent Director.

Subsequently to the AGM, the Board of Directors has approved Galp’s Executive Committee composition, which will continue to be led by Filipe Silva as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 


Board composition  
   # Non-executive Directors 13
   # Executive Directors 6
   Total 19
   # Independent Directors 6
   Female / Male 7 / 12
   Average tenure  5 years
   Average age 56


Governing Bodies

Non-executive Directors

Paula Amorim - Chairman
Adolfo Mesquita Nunes - Vice-Chairman, Lead Independent Director
Cristina Fonseca
Javier Cavada
Cláudia Almeida e Silva
Ana Lúcia Zambelli
Fedra Ribeiro
Diogo Tavares
Rui Paulo Gonçalves
Jorge Seabra
Francisco Teixeira Rêgo
Marta Amorim
Carlos Pinto

Executive Committee

Filipe Silva - Vice-Chairman, CEO (including Upstream)
Maria João Carioca - CFO
Georgios Papadimitriou - Renewables & New Businesses
João Diogo Silva - Commercial
Rodrigo Vilanova - Energy Management
Ronald Doesburg - Industrial


General Shareholders Meeting Board

Ana Paz Ferreira Perestrelo

José Costa Pinto

Sofia Leite Borges


Audit Board

José Pereira Alves

Maria de Fátima Geada
Pedro de Almeida

Jorge Costa


Statutory Auditor

Ernst & Young Audit & Associados, SROC, S.A., represented by Rui Abel Martins, registered with OROC under No. 1119 and with CMVM under No. 20160731

Luís Mendes, registered with OROC under No. 1841 and with CMVM under No. 20170024


Remuneration Committee

Amorim Energia B.V.

Jorge Armindo
Joaquim Hierro Lopes


Remuneration Committee

Nuno Moraes Bastos

Filipe Bismarck