3/23/2020 | General meeting

Annual General Meeting 2020 and Integrated Report 2019

Galp publishes today the notice to its Annual General Meeting, to be held on 24 April 2020, as well as its Integrated Report 2019.

2020 Annual General Meeting


Owing to the public health emergency triggered by COVID-19, Galp is deploying its best efforts to prevent the spread of the disease. Our primary goal is to assure a suitable working environment for our people, for serving our customers and the communities we operate in, and for the resilience of our operations, as per announced in our Contingency Plan.

Galp's company bodies, including its Annual General Meeting, will continue to function normally. To this end, today we are releasing the convening notice for the 2020 Annual General Meeting, which will be held, as scheduled in the Company's financial calendar, on 24 April 2020, at 03:00 p.m. (WEST). In line with the preventive measures adopted by the Company, the Annual General Meeting will be held exclusively by telematic means.

The notice, detailed items of the agenda and the relevant procedures, as well as other additional information on the AGM, may be found through this link.

2019 Integrated Report

In addition, Galp is releasing its 2019 Integrated Report today. This report aims to provide a transparent and accurate overview of the processes whereby the Company creates economic, environmental and social value, and to present the results for the period and its corporate governance practices.

The report is available on Galp’s website and can be downloaded here