Our Values are:


We trust in people and in their work, share information and develop solutions together and we keep our promises. The objectives of Galp are our priority.


We identify opportunities and act on creating and strengthen cooperative relations with our internal and external partners, building valuable relationships for all parties.


We respond to change with a positive attitude, adopting quickly to new situations and willing to learn new ways of working and achieving goals. We work in a fast and flexible manner, ensuring compliance with deadlines, making decision in accordance with the priorities and the urgent demands of our customers.


We promote new ideas and use them to develop new processes, methods, systems, products or services. We question the status quo, seek creative solutions and apply new solutions to achieve and surpass the Company's objectives.


We perform job with the highest standards of safety and quality, ensuring the technical, economic, environmental and social sustainability of Galp. We are consistent in generating results and developing solutions that persist over time, regardless of the work teams that develop them.