OpenTalk | Whistleblowing

OpenTalk is a secure, confidential and, if so desired, anonymous channel that allows users to submit questions, concerns or deviations pertaining to Galp's Code of Ethics and Conduct (CEC) .


Any issues addressed by the CEC, including events constituting harassment or discrimination, or acts of fraud and corruption, can and should be reported via OpenTalk - Whistleblowing - link to the Whistleblowing procedure document on the same page.


There are 3 means available:

1. By Email to

2. By Letter, to the following postal address:

Comissão de Ética e Conduta da Galp Energia, SGPS, S.A. 
Edifício Galp, Torre A
Rua Tomás da Fonseca,
1600-209 Lisboa, Portugal

*Using this means allows for communication to take place anonymously.

3. Whistleblowing Form 

*Using this means allows for communication to take place anonymously.

Reports 2020

In 2020, under the Irregularities Communications Policy, 7 cases were reported through the Ethics Line to the Ethics and Conduct Committee. From the communications received, 4 were related to discrimination, 1 to labour practices and 2 to practices adopted by Galp partners.

The majority of the reports were submitted by employees (70%) and received from 2 different countries. Reports were also submitted by a supplier and a subcontractor employee. Reports submitted by retail customers, non-related with ethical concerns, were followed up by the customer care team.

As a result of the reduced number of reports submitted, a communication and training programme was designed to reinforce the existence of the ethics line and the importance of ethics in Galp, also covering the issues raised by the reported ethical cases.

All the 7 ethics concern reports were investigated and based on the conclusions reached, 2 cases had consequences following the confirmed misconduct, namely 1 led to disciplinary measures and 1 led to a verbal warning.