Dress code: yours

This isn’t only about graduates

Going to the office, everyday, is so 2019

Introverts, make yourselves at home

Values and beliefs. We all have them

Get ready to be yourself



This might interest you:

Our prestigious trainee programme Generation Galp is now open.

But wait! You don’t have to wear a suit. The only dress code you must follow is your own. And only when you come to the office. This is when you come to the office, because it's 2023 and some days you can work from wherever you want.

And if you think you don’t have the right profile to work at Galp, think again! Your personality, your principles and ideas are worth more than your cv.

Sounds good?


  • Trainee Program launch
    1998 Trainee Program launch
  • Employees who started in the Trainee Program
    500 Employees who started in the Trainee Program
  • Retention rate after the first year
    90% Retention rate after the first year
Ok, but how does it work?
Ok, but how does it work?

First of all, we want you to know our next challenges, that's why this activity plan was handpicked to let you know Galp's culture and values. And there is one thing you can always count on: consistent and continuous feedback. This way you can manage expectations regarding a future integration in the company.

By the way, you also know that you will be followed by a mentor in all activities. But it is not to control you. He/she will only provide support, help you adapt, and evaluate your performance, among other formalities.

"But how am I going to be evaluated?", it's simple: your mentor evaluates your performance in the more organizational aspect of things, and the People Development area does the same, based on the data collected during the follow-up program activities.

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Opportunities that exist

The program is widely applicable and covers all business units, as well as our corporate centre.

Industrial & Energy Management
Renewables & New Businesses

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It is for those who...

You have a professional degree, bachelor's or master's degree OR You are attending a master's degree + You have a maximum of 2 years of professional experience + You are fluent in English.

And has an interest in:



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Selection Process

You will have to go through several stages to join Generation Galp, all of which are eliminatory.

Generation Galp

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