Tiago Durana Pinto

From the Galp trainees programme to the leadership of the fuel retail operations in the North of Portugal.
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My journey at Galp

2010 - 2011 | Trainee

I joined Galp as a trainee in September 2010. Over the course of one year I had the opportunity to work in two distinct areas. During the first six months I worked in the commercial area, namely supporting the payment methods business of the Businesses Division. It was a very important first step, since I integrated myself quite well in the company and in a short time I was able to feel as a useful member of the team.

The second component of the trainee programme led me to an area far removed from my academic background, and therefore from my comfort zone: the Biofuels Development Division. Perhaps that’s why it was an especially enriching experience, one in which I was able to perform several tasks in the IT business management system, in budgeting, in the creation of content for internal communication mechanisms, among other specific tasks.

"I had two very different experiences and I believe that this is the goal of the programme: that the trainees leave their comfort zone and are exposed to various experiences, so that they can acquire different types of knowledge. I quite liked it, because I like change."

2011 - 2012 | Specialist commercial assistant in the Payment Methods Division

After completing my period as a trainee, I was given the opportunity to stay at Galp, joining the team where I worked during the first half of my internship.

Upon returning to the commercial area, I developed specialised backoffice work, bridging the commercial teams working with the payment methods business customers and the backoffice team, promoting the improvement of processes between the two and providing support to the customer relationship centre.

2013 -2014 | Responsible for the LPG Equipment Marketing Area

Change is something that I like, essentially because of the challenge associated with it, and so I was very excited about my next stage at Galp. In 2013 I was challenged to be in charge of the area in the LPG business that markets equipment and accessories related to bottled gas.

This job gave me the possibility of running a small autonomous business from "A to Z", since my functions ranged from contact with suppliers, to logistics management and commercial strategy, culminating with all the negotiation processes with customers and the after-sales service.

“This was a very enriching experience for me and the first opportunity I had to manage a team, something that, for someone of my age at the time, was a huge challenge but also a great vote of confidence in my abilities.”

From 2014 to present date | Manager of Fuel Retail Operations in the Northern Region 

In 2014 the Retail Division challenged me to take on the responsibility for managing fuel operations in the northern region of Portugal. Given my roots in Porto, where I was born and raised, it was a new challenge associated with a sense of homecoming.

I am currently responsible for managing, together with my team, the operation of all Galp’s service stations in the north of the country, both through our own teams as well as in conjunction with local business partners. It’s a very dynamic and intense area, which involves close monitoring of the operations on the ground, so that the service stations are at the level of what the Galp brand stands for and the quality that our customers demand. This job is something that really excites me, as I believe that managing teams and business partners is undoubtedly the biggest challenge any leader can face.

“This job is something that really excites me, as I believe that managing teams and business partners is undoubtedly the biggest challenge any leader can face.” 


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