Ricardo Jorge Almeida

A finance manager in a meeting place of cultures.
  • Joined Galp
    2006 Joined Galp
  • Business Unit
    Corporate Business Unit
  • Workplace
    Lisbon Workplace

My journey at Galp

2006 – 2011 | Manager of the Internal Control Area (Accounting and Treasury) and Management of Cross-cutting Projects

In this position I had the opportunity to take part in projects that cut across all areas of Galp. This was ideal, as I had just arrived, and this position allowed me to acquire a deep knowledge about the business, the culture and the people of the Company. Through the team projects I developed, I was able to feel Galp’s dynamics.

It was a significant experience, one that gave me an enormous motivation for the future.

I was able to feel the pulse and the different dynamics that exist within Galp.

2011 – 2014 | Finance Director of Retail – Convenience Stores

In this job I met a fantastic group of people, not only in the sales and finance areas, but also in operations, in the stores, in all areas, basically.

This experience also allowed me to acquire important skills which decisively enhanced my professional development. I loved the project and the opportunity that I was given.

2014 to present date | Finance Manager for African Markets

When this opportunity came about I didn’t think twice and accepted immediately.

Why? Because it was a unique chance to attend a real “University of Life” – the possibility of having a regular contact with various cultures that have distinct ways of looking at life and also at work and businesses was a hugely appealing factor.

I was also attracted by the chance of contributing to the development of people in these places, where the opportunities for training are not so easily found. Galp’s work in these regions has a huge impact on a social level.

I wasn’t the least bit disappointed with my decision. To be in charge of the finance management of Galp’s companies in eight African countries has been a unique and quite enriching experience.

I’m a very happy person professionally and I know that the success achieved comes from everything we’ve done together.