What we do

Where you can show your energy

We want your energy to create more energy. We want to feed your inspiration and stimulate your initiative. In the most challenging scenarios, in the small day-to-day matters.

We believe that each small gesture has the potential of a dream, each reality drives a new perspective. Here, nothing is lost, everything is created.

We are an energy company. We explore, develop and produce oil and natural gas in four continents. And, depending on your profile, you can join any of our three business units or our corporate centre.

What we want. Want it too

We want to drive the world with your energy

We want to drive the world with your energy, in the most efficient, safe and accessible way possible. For each action we take to meet present goals, we take another one to assure the future. It is because of the new challenges we face every day that we invest to learn and evolve fast and safely.

We want to be a catalyst of the economy

We want to be a catalyst of the economy, a driver of success and the best partner for our stakeholders. And to do that through the synergies of an integrated international operation, with a focus on exploration and production, oriented to technology and to a competitive distribution business that is a stimulus to innovation, competiveness and life quality.

We want to keep the world’s energy alive

We want to keep the world’s energy alive, actively contributing to the planet’s energetic prosperity, searching for the best and most effective solutions to ensure sustainable economic development. We know that our success depends on the sustainability of the planet, of companies and of the economy.

We want to do this through a relevant social intervention activity in the geographies and communities where we operate, as a mobilizing agent for science and technological proficiency, an investor in knowledge and a life quality activist.