Mission accomplished: 150 thousand km!

Together we reached the goal, thank you for your contribution.

We managed to deliver 150 thousand meals to families (100 thousand of which through the Rede de Emergência Alimentar in Portugal and 50,000 through the Banco de Alimentos Fesbal in Spain, Gastromotiva in Brazil, the Makobo Platform in Mozambique and Selulasandla in Eswatini) and it was your steps that made the difference.

Over the course of a month, we received more than 5,530 entries in this challenge, totaling 150 thousand km covered.


Know more about the organisations we helped:

Portugal - Rede de Emergência Almentar

Spain - Banco de Alimentos Fesbal

Brazil - Gastromotiva

MozambiquePlataforma Makobo

Eswatini - Selulasandla