Chiquinha Gonzaga Orchestra

The project provides high-quality musical training to hundreds of students in an inclusive way: opening up free opportunities for young talents from public education in low-income communities.


Since 2021, the Chiquinha Gonzaga Youth Symphony Orchestra has combined musical excellence with female representation in the world of music.

In partnership with Petrogal Brasil (JV Galp and Sinopec), the project not only provides high-quality musical training to hundreds of students, but does so in an inclusive way: by opening up free opportunities for young talent from public education in low-income communities.

The aim is clear: to provide the necessary tools for these girls and young women to reach their full potential, thus promoting the construction of citizenship through the valorisation of plurality and gender equality.

The Chiquinha Gonzaga Orchestra is part of the actions of the Brazilian Institute of Music and Education, which focuses on musical learning, professional training for young monitors, cultural exchanges and programmes and the maintenance of the spaces where the activities take place.

Inclusion through education and music

The project's classes include instruction in instruments, music theory and perception, as well as the rehearsals of the Youth Symphony Orchestra, made up of 60 talented students who dedicate eight hours a week to this intensive practice.

The other students take part in instrument lessons, collective music practice and preparatory activities for the orchestra, totalling six hours a week. The preparation and presentation of concerts represent the culmination of the project's pedagogical process, with additional activities for the monitors, who now spend eight hours a week on internships.

In addition, a significant partnership has been established with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. This collaboration prepares the orchestra's students for the specific ability test in music for the 2023, 2024 and 2025 entrance exams. The training sessions take place every Monday after the project's classes and currently involve 89 students, including several talented members of the Chiquinha Gonzaga Orchestra.