Regenerate Your Dynamic Energy

The new Galp Ryde concept represents the energy company's approach to new trends in sustainable urban mobility and will be used in the activation and development of products, services and partnerships in this area.

Aware of new trends in urban mobility, the brand will develop, under the Galp Ryde umbrella, activations with a particular focus on electric bicycles. This year, the World Bike Tour event, took advantage of Galp’s proposition to debut the electric bicycle category. Galp attended the event with 45 company employees who showcased the Galp Ryde electric bicycles, both the classic and mountain models. 

Produced in partnership with the Portuguese company Esmaltina, these electric bicycles will be available to the public, online, in a limited lot, starting in October.

With the ambition of increasingly contributing to the ecosystem of sustainable mobility, where it leads in the sector of electric mobility, Galp Ryde – an acronym for Regenerate Your Dynamic Energy – will later reach a new phase, making electric bicycles available to rent.



Galp Ryde

  • 100km battery life (full charge)
  • Fully charged in ± 4 hours;
  • Easy to plug directly into any socket;
  • 28" Kit aluminium frame;
  • Portuguese bicycle made by Esmaltina;

Maintenance will be carried out on the original Esmaltina brand.
The bike's warranty lasts for 2 years starting on September 5th, 2021.

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