The future needs our energy. Now.

Rio Oil & Gas 2020

In a world where the search for a new energy paradigm has accelerated in 2020, Brazil continues to be a key player in meeting the energy needs of the planet, today and in the coming decades.

Galp strives to ensure that the pre-salt projects are always a benchmark for technological innovation, as this is the only way for them to remain among the most competitive in the world in economic and environmental terms, two key conditions for their longevity.

Galp is present in Brazil through Petrogal Brasil, a pioneer in the development of the pre-salt, through the Tupi field. Today, we are Brazil's 3rd-largest oil and gas producer, participating in 26 exploration and production projects. Galp is one of the global Oil & Gas companies most committed with the energy transition. Petrogal Brazil also has Sinopec, one of the world's largest energy groups, as a shareholder.

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