A gesture changes everything

Galp is with you and your family, with your neighbourhood and your town, with Portugal and the world. We are all together, to bring the energy of human warmth to those in need. We need to give and take, to share and distribute, to speak and listen, because our gestures will make a difference every day. A simple gesture is all it takes to change everything.

Make yours

A gesture changes everything. Make yours.

Help, give comfort, reciprocate, listen, smile.

All gestures count and we all can help.

Find out how you can make a difference. Volunteer!

Our gestures

A gesture changes everything. Our gestures.

We live in a time when every gesture counts.

Galp and the Galp Foundation are working together, in the regions where they operate, in order to multiply support and energise those in need.

The gestures we are making in the world