Emergency management

Galp’s priority is to ensure quick and effective action, guaranteeing that the adverse effects on people, the environment and assets are minimised.

Despite the adopted measures, accidents can happen. Therefore, it is necessary to plan, train and prepare the emergency response to mitigate potential impacts on people, the environment, facilities and the community.

Concurrently to this prevention-focused action, Galp has the ability to manage emergencies.

Emergency management is carried out in a systematic manner, with plans for internal emergencies being defined for all our facilities.

Given the identified risk scenarios, actions are planned so as to ensure a rapid intervention by the internal and external resources, as well as an articulation with the relevant authorities and/or organisations, whilst always prioritising the safeguarding of people, environment and assets.

In our facilities, activities and/or services, training and information of all those whose action is required if the emergency plans are activated is ensured.

Tests are carried out on emergency plans regularly (drills and periodic simulation exercises), in which the various risk scenarios identified and the response of all the participants are tested. Based on the results obtained and on its critical analysis, the emergency plans are continuously updated.

The Emergency Preparedness and Response requirements that are applicable to GALP operations are set in our HSE management system.