Protection of health and well-being

Get to know some of Galp’s initiatives to promote the protection of health and well-being.

Health while travelling and traveller’s appointment

The risks from travelling in different geographical areas can be minimised if the traveller acts in an informed and preventive manner, taking the necessary precautions before, during and after the trip.

We periodically carry out campaigns to raise awareness on the risks connected to travelling, in particular by disseminating the Traveller's Guide, which aims to ensure the employee’s safety, protection, health and well-being.

We promote prior medical appointments, where the employee is informed of the main warnings, recommendations, and preventive as well as precautionary measures regarding the concerned geographic area.

Response to epidemic outbreaks

Considering the different challenges we face in different geographies, we have developed campaigns to raise awareness and prevent diseases and epidemics in areas at risk:

  • Zika virus
  • Malaria
  • Yellow fever
  • Ebola
  • HIV

Programme for the promotion of well-being

We have developed a set of initiatives that promote health and well-being, for an active and full life.

  • Thematic conferences held:
    • “An active and positive lifestyle”, with the European Institute of Health and Welfare;
    • “Healthy life habits”;
    • “How to adopt healthy eating on a day-to-day basis?”;
    • “Psychosocial risks and stress management”.
  • Promotion of nutrition and prevention of cardiovascular accidents appointments.
  • Cuida-T Program
    ​(lit. Take care of yourself)

We have recently started implementing personal development programmes and emotional intelligence management programmes, with a view to promoting well-being.

OSH Committee

Under the legal requirements for the promotion of occupational health and safety, the Galp workers elect their representatives to the occupational health and safety (OSH) committee.
The purpose of this committee is to monitor occupational health and safety issues at Galp facilities, with a subcommittee being elected for each facility, whose number of representatives varies according to the number of employees.
The OSH committe is the formal consultation body for Galp workers on occupational health and safety issues and the preferred forum to present related cases and share experiences at this level.

Further information about the protection of health and well-being