Health and medical surveillance

Galp promotes health and well-being. We guarantee medical surveillance to protect our people and our partners.

Promoting health and well-being

How we promote the health of our employees and their families:

  • We foster the adoption of healthy behaviours and an active lifestyle (e.g. obesity prevention, cardiovascular diseases).
  • We carry out awareness and prevention campaigns on diseases and epidemics in geographical areas at risk (e.g. Ebola virus, Dengue, Malaria, HIV, Tuberculosis).
  • We promote initiatives with local communities, calling for an active role by our employees.

Employee health surveillance

How we do the medical surveillance of our employees and partners:

  • We assess our activities’ effects on the health of our people, partners and communities, in the various geographic areas we operate in. We ensure health surveillance in three key areas:
    • Conducting periodic medical examinations of employees, in compliance with protocols defined according to the activity’s risks.
    • Assessing and preventing physical, chemical, biological and ergonomic risks.
    • Disease prevention and early diagnosis.
  • We guarantee integrated health management through our operational management system. Its focus is to prevent and mitigate all risks.
  • We ensure surveillance for health protection. We monitor key indicators and develop specific programmes that are tailored to risk groups, geographical areas and activities.
  • We actively promote employee awareness, by issuing alerts with the main care to be carried out at each location and in every work trip.
  • We ensure emergency aid in every geographical area.

Monitoring and performance

Galp constantly monitors its programmes’ performance, collecting key indicators on occupational health and medical surveillance.

Collecting that information leads us to the conclusion that the impact has been positive and is reflected in the following factors:

  • development of a culture and operational procedures associated with safety and health at work;
  • lower incidence of occupational diseases.

Some performance indicators

Indicator 2014 2015 2016
Admission examinations 112 205 53
Periodic examinations 2,325 2,678 2,013
Occasional examinations 1.307 839 114
Occupational diseases 0 0 0