EngIQ Business Doctorate

This Doctorate programme made in close collaboration with Galp aims to train highly qualified professionals.

The EngIQ Business Doctorate aims to train professionals capable of playing a leading role in research, technological development, internal development of technologies, entrepreneurship and leadership in Refining, Petrochemical and Chemical Engineering.

  • 3,340 training hours in 2016.
  • 170 Galp employees trained in eight editions.
  • 32 Doctorates were carried out in a business context.

The Doctorate Programme in Refining, Petrochemical, and Chemical Engineering is defined as a project of excellence at the third level of higher education, strongly oriented to research in a business environment.

Developed in close collaboration with Galp and companies of the Petrochemicals, Chemicals and Refining Industries Competitiveness Cluster is based on proven experience of research and collaboration with the faculty and research industry from the various departments, associated laboratories and tendering research centres.

Five prestigious Portuguese universities are involved in this programme:

  • Universidade Técnica de Lisboa;
  • University of Porto;
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa;
  • University of Aveiro;
  • University of Coimbra.

This programme aims to have a direct impact on the companies where the trainees work.To that end, Galp has not only welcomed eight doctoral students in a business environment, but also some of its staff has attended the programme at the advanced training level.

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