Strategy and commitments

Our strategy

We aim to become an integrated energy operator, recognised for our exploration and production activities, creating value in a sustainable way for our shareholders.

Our commitments

In order to guide our actions on material issues, we have defined a set of sustainability commitments, approved by senior management and understood throughout our organisation.

We intend to use these commitments to respond to the material issues and sustainability challenges identified, internally within Galp, and externally, prioritising and taking into account the expectations and concerns of our stakeholders.

We are taking the following steps to address these challenges:

  • Establishing internal challenges;
  • Agreeing external commitments;
  • Maintaining an active knowledge network;
  • Continuously monitoring performance;
  • Committing management and employees;
  • Promoting a culture of sustainability;
  • Providing training for employees and management.

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Other initiatives and commitments

Galp subscribes to principles and establishes external commitments that bind us, demonstrating our high level of commitment to all stakeholders.

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