Equality Business Forum

Promoted by the Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment (CITE), this initiative commits Galp into developing actions that promote gender equality.

We joined the Business Forum for Equality in 2014 with a view to developing the principles of equality and non-discrimination between men and women at work and in employment, as well as reconciling work, personal and family life.

We intend to achieve improvements in the scope of sustainable practices, organisational justice and the satisfaction of all our employees.

Click here to learn more about The Commission for Equality in Labour and Employment (CITE).

In 2017 we approved the Equality Plan and we are working to implement the following measures in 2018:

  • Create an internal and permanent reflection and action group for Gender Equality;
  • Carry out periodic awareness-raising sessions related to the subject;
  • Promote development programmes for women, aimed at providing support and guidance to career management.