4/26/2018 | Events and sponsoring

Galp to run worshops and photo hunts with great photographers during the World Press Photo exhibition

Energizers Exhibition, showcasing exceptional moments in the everyday lives of some of the individuals that breathe life into the company

Workshops with a limited number of participants, on Saturday afternoons

Energizers Exhibition, showcasing exceptional moments in the everyday lives of some of the individuals that breathe life into the company

Photo competition on Instagram, with a €200 prize in fuel for the best photo

Galp, the main sponsor of the 2018 World Press Photo, the world’s biggest press photography exhibition, has organised a series of complementary initiatives for photo enthusiasts, including workshops, photo hunts, a competition and an exhibition.

The World Press Photo exhibition, which will open to the public on Friday, 27 April, is free and can be visited from 10:00 to 19:00, Thursday to Saturday, until 20 May, at the Beato Creative Hub, a series of unique buildings that used to be part of an army industrial complex (Manutenção Militar) located on the eastern Lisbon riverside.

These industrial premises are an ideal setting for any photographer worth their salt. A photo competition will also be held during the exhibition. To participate, candidates must post their images on Instagram until 21 May, at #energiacriativa #galp #visao. The author of the best photo, which will be selected by a professional jury, will win a €200 Galp Ready fuel card.

The exhibition is hosted by the Visão magazine and the World Press Photo Foundation, in partnership with the Lisbon Council, which has made the premises available.

Thinking of those who wish to improve their photography skills, Galp has organised a series of workshops with some of the most prestigious and experienced photojournalists, which will also act as guides in photo hunts in neighbouring areas. These Photo Talks will take place on Saturday afternoons (16:00). People wishing to attend are required to enrol previously, as the number of participants will be limited.

Energizers: an exhibition of people

Photojournalism is about capturing people, their glories and their moments of despair, whether exceptional or mundane. Galp is also made of people and of their daily lives, everyday stories and unique moments.

In this sense, Galp wished to document the daily lives of some of the people that create its energy, having organised an initiative in partnership with Visão, where local reporters selected by the magazine photographed the working routines and some moments in the personal lives of 12 Galp employees.

The photographers Arlindo Camacho (Portugal), Enric Vives-Rubio (Spain), Mauro Vombe (Mozambique) and Jardiel Carvalho (Brazil) lent their knowledge and unique perspectives to reveal the people behind the professionals.

Approximately one hundred photographs were taken, of which 44 were selected to be shown in the Energizers Exhibition, which may be visited together with the World Press Photo exhibition.

Aware that people, with their own uniqueness and individual stories, are the true drivers of the company, those who really breathe life into it and spur it onwards, no matter how determining figures may be, Galp has also chosen to include the aforementioned images in its annual report.

Click on 2017 Annual Report to view the images.

The Beato Creative Hub consists of 20 buildings of recognised industrial and architectural value currently undergoing conversion to receive a series of national and international entities in the fields of technology, innovation and creative industries, thus contributing to help build Lisbon’s reputation as an open, enterprising city and a global standard.